"Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Three" Paperback

Format: Book + Tape

Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Three is a collection of thoughts and expressions to be part of a larger conversation. It contains essays, poetry, short stories, photography, and other visual art from a unique selection of more than 70 contributors from many walks of life, age groups, and cultural backgrounds. It's presented in a perfect-bound paperback book that comes with a 122 minute audio companion spanning 2 cassettes featuring music from 25 different artists. The core of this project is to embrace emotions and impermanence while asking to think about being part of systems and environments with the topic of ego reduction.

Print Contributors:
7 Hz Sorcery
Abeer Hoque
Alfonso Montagnese
Andy Xue
Arlo Bird
Brad E. Rose
Brando Vegh
Brandon Geurts
Bryan Ziolkowski
Chaz Prymek
Chris Leo
coping organism
Crystal Cortez (Quartez)
Devan Fylstra
Daniel Talton
Danny Leo
Drazek/Fuscaldo/Grażyna Auguścik
E. Paris Whitfield
elliott miskovicz
Emily Bryant
Eric de Jesus
Eric Hodgins
Erika Harada
Faulkner Short
Ian Webb-Harding
Ivan Aparicio
Jacob Steinbauer
James Martinez
Jeffrey Rocketmild Jefferson
Jorge Gallo
Josh Steinbauer
Julie Kantor
Kait Helsen
Kaitlin McSweeney
Kyle Reese
Lara Bennett
Leah B. Levinson
Lula Asplund
Masha Kouznetsova
Matthew Sweeney
Michael Martino
Michael Whiteside
Nate Wey
Nigel Mitcham
Paul Burke
Penelope Joy
R. Vena
Reverie Gausman
Ru Dario
Ryan Hildebrand
Ryan Richard Beitler
Salem Martinez
Sammy Fielding
Santos Montano
Scott Hawkins
Sean Hamling
Sean Waple
Sebastian Francisco
Shaina Kapeluck
Shelley Short
Spencer Ouellette
Suzanne Yeremyan
Thymme Jones
Tom Asselin
Travis Davis
Trestan Matel
Vic Void
Vie Xavi
Viktor Timofeev
Whitney Johnson
Wind Tide

Audio Contributors:
skunk ape (feat. eniks cave)
Color of Time
Daniel Knox
Isaac Helsen
Crystal Quartez
Joseph Lawrence Clark
Lake Of Arrows
Lake Mary
Butoh Sonics
Shifting Harbor
The Dolorous Stroke
Sunken Cathedral
Brad E. Rose
John Morgan Kimock
Stephen Griesgraber
Tarsier Eyes
Garrett T. Capps
Masha Kouznetsova
Drazek/Fuscaldo/Grażyna Auguścik

First edition of 400 books and 100 cassettes.

All copies of the book include a download code for the audio companion.