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    Nowflensing is the home of The Flenser record label. We also distribute a small number of releases by other labels.

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    If you’re in Europe you can also order from our friends in France at Deathwish EU/Throatruiner. They offer most of our catalog, including many limited edition variants and pre-orders for new releases.

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    The Flenser Record Label

    The Flenser is a dark experimental record label from San Francisco, California USA.

    The Flenser started as a metal label, but has since evolved to work with many adjacent genres.

    Some of the artists we have worked with include Have a Nice Life, Street Sects, Wreck and Reference, All Your Sisters, Bosse-de-Nage, among many others. 

    Nowflensing is the home of The Flenser, but we also distribute a small number of releases by other labels. 

    Please contact Terrorbird media:

    We are exclusively distributed by Revolver USA. Contact them for North America and International releases.

    CARGO UK also carries many of our releases in the UK.

    Konkurrent is based in the Netherlands and distributes our releases in Europe.

    We are not currently accepting unsolicited demo submissions. 

    Our suggestion is to work on creating a project with a strong fanbase.

    Play cool shows with cool people.

    Connect with the artists you admire. Send your music to the artists you admire. Involve yourself with a local scene.

    If there isn't one, find one nearby. If bands don't come to your town start putting on local shows and bring touring bands to your area. 

    Tour out of your area when possible.

    When we look at prospective artists we are especially interested in a band's touring history.

    Create a special unique aesthetic. Create music that does not sound like anything else. Have a unified visual aesthetic.

    Take risks. Don't follow trends.

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