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    Not surprisingly delays have been especially prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is for a variety of reasons; pressing delays, shipping problems, customs clearance delays, and our own ability to full-fill orders safely during the pandemic.

    February 19h 2021
    Have a Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" DLP Black Vinyl
    Have a Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" DLP Half & Half Vinyl

    February 26h 2021
    Have a Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" DLP Oxblood Vinyl

    March 15th 2021
    Have a Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" DLP Oxblood w/ Black Splatter Vinyl

    April 2nd 2021

    Amulets "Blooming" LP/Tape
    Amulets "Blooming" Shirt


    Black Wing - No Moon CD/LP/Shirts
    Midwife - "Like Author, Like Daughter" DLP