The Flenser // Now Flensing - Dark Experimental Record Label



Our roster is very full at the moment and we are not able to sign any new bands through the below process. Our past submissions process is found below for educational purposes:

A few suggestions when approaching a small label like The Flenser.

1. Make us notice your demo: To date, a number of the artists we work with initially contacted us through demo submissions. All of these artists caught our attention through packaging, written word, and a certain level of audacity before we had a chance to listen to their recordings.

2. Don’t be a metal-core band: Please have knowledge of what we do and have a sense of how you would fit into that. Outside the box is fine as long as it vibes with The Flenser (i.e. no thrash, no bro-core, no symphonic death metall).

3. We like working with people we like. Many of the bands we work with were introduced to us by our friends and associates. When you work with a small record label like The Flenser there tends to be a lot of contact and we prefer contact with people we have a connection with and people we can get along with.

4. Don’t get discouraged . We are very busy and generally don’t have the space to add more releases to our schedule on short notice even if we love them. We must plan releases far in advance. Just because we don’t respond or say no to a release don’t take it personally. The stars rarely fall in line when planning records and we understand that it is big deal to put yourself present your recording to a record label (or anyone else).

5. Start the dialogue early: We plan releases far in advance. Often bands will start by presenting us with a finished album. Even if we love it and want to release there will be waiting, often many months! There is no hard and fast rule about this but something to keep in mind. Also, if we turn down a release but suggest you keep in touch, please keep in touch.

6. Play live shows: Have a live presence. Tour outside of your area. It's always a big plus to have large local following especially but not necessarily in a major city.