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Giles Corey "Giles Corey" DLP & Book

Vinyl Options: Milky Clear w/ Olive Green, Grimace Purple, & Black Splatter Vinyl

“Some time in the Spring of 2009, I tried to kill myself. Six months before that, I used a Voor’s Head Device for the first time." This line opens the 150-page book that accompanies Giles Corey, an intensely personal, intimate portrait of depression that took me almost four years to make. —Dan Barrett

Giles Corey's haunting self-titled debut is back in print! The Flenser is pleased to offer a new version of this cult favorite as a double LP housed in a gatefold jacket, with the same 150-page book that accompanied the previous versions.

Giles Corey is the gloomy folk-driven solo project from Have A Nice Life mastermind Dan Barrett. Here, Barrett forgoes the post-industrial trappings of Have A Nice Life in favor of an intimate singer-songwriter approach. While thematically related to his other work--dealing with subjects like suicide, death and the paranormal--Giles Corey feels more personal, with impressive shifts from quiet desperation to cathartic outburst. Over the years the album has gained a fervent following, and has sometimes been compared to a religious experience. It is a dark yet purgative enterprise not for the frail of heart.

The accompanying book is an integral part of Giles Corey. Its examination of the life and times of cult leader Robert Voor runs parallel to the lyrics, and offers further immersion for the reflective listener. In Barrett’s own words: “The album follows a story arc of emotions that are detailed in the accompanying book, as much a part of this record as the music. The text switches between personal tales of struggles with depression, suicide, and a feeling of being lost, and the story of cult-leader and afterlife theorist Robert Voor. Voor’s writings on death and the afterlife feature prominently across Have A Nice Life’s Deathconsciousness, Nahvalr’s self-titled debut, and Giles Corey, making him the unifying factor behind most of the music I’ve written in the last ten years. This record is as personal and raw as anything I’ve ever done.”

  1. The Haunting Presence 
  2. Blackest Bile 
  3. Grave Filled With Books 
  4. Empty Churches 
  5. I’m Going To Do It 
  6. Spectral Bride 
  7. No One Is Ever Going To Want Me 
  8. Sleeping Heart 
  9. Buried Above Ground

The 2022 pressing is expected to ship in July, 2022 and is available in the following variants:

Black Vinyl — 300 units
Olive Green & Grimace Purple Spinner Vinyl — 500 units
Milky Clear with Lots of Grimace Purple, Olive Green, & Black Vinyl — 500 units
Milky Clear & Swamp Aside/Bside Vinyl — 200 units (Indie Store Exclusive)

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International customers please note that shipping will be very expensive because of the weight of the book. There is nothing we can do about this. Copies can be obtained from our European distro, Deathwish EU at a more reasonable rate.

This is one of the greatest albums ever!!!!!!!!!!!!