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Mark Trecka "The Bloom of Performance" Tape

Mark Trecka’s 'The Bloom of Performance' was recorded over the course of a year with Sam Skarstad (Yellow Eyes) and features contributions from Martin Courtney (Real Estate), Evan Hydzik (Pillars and Tongues), Andrew Petzold-Eley (Obelisk Ruins), A-Y/dancers, and Audra Wolowiec.

'The Bloom of Performance' is one of Trecka’s most generous projects to date, aided by Skarstad’s deft engineering and co-production. Trecka’s voice is dynamic on these recordings: one moment of ascending lilt is reminiscent of David Bowie at his most untamed, while moments of falsetto are as haunted as the fog-threaded mountains that were visible through the windows of Skarstad’s Hudson Valley studio throughout the recording sessions. 'The Bloom of Performance' makes clear that Trecka and Circuit Des Yeux’s Haley Fohr are cut from similar cloths. Myriad strange but beautiful experiments color this dreamy and infectious record: cut-up tape of Trecka’s croon and wail interwoven throughout are startlingly buoyant, dancing with careening drum machine rhythms, at times reminiscent of Adrian Sherwood, HTRK, or Cindytalk.

Professionally replicated cassettes from Beacon Sound.