Mamaleek "Kurdaitcha" LP

Vinyl Options: Beer Vinyl

Mamaleek’s Kurdaitcha is finally back in print!

The San Francisco-based duo released their third album of weirdo black metal, Kurdaitcha, on the legendary cult label Enemies List Home Recordings (Have a Nice Life, Giles Corey), and it quickly sold out. For years the LP has been a hard to find collector's item. Kurdaitcha finds the project in its initial period of creating music influenced by black metal, hip hop, jazz, and spirituals. 

Founded in 2008 in the Bay Area by two anonymous brothers, Mamaleek has explored a vast sonic territory on the edge of a genre renown for its aversion to change. Their expert utilization of left-field samples and unconventional instrumentation, and their insistent drive to experiment continues to set the band apart from their peers. 

This pressing of Kurdaitcha has been remastered and features a previously unreleased bonus track with a gold foil stamped jacket. 

Available on Beer Vinyl (300 copies), Milky Clear with Beer and Black Splatter Vinyl (300 copies), Beer and Black Galaxy Vinyl (Series Three Membership exclusive), and standard Black Vinyl

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