Have a Nice Life "The Unnatural World" LP

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Third pressing in Electric Blue.

The repress jacket has a different rougher stock than the original album.

The album is a single LP in a gatefold jacket. 300 copies will come on haze-colored vinyl. The colored vinyl is a milky clear with Ox Blood Haze. Please note that the haze process creates harmless dust that can easily be wiped off the surface of the record.

All other copies of the album will be on black vinyl. No CD versions is planned at this time.

This is a co-release with Enemies List Home Recordings. All aspects of the release have been overseen and approved by the band. It is The Flenser's goal to get the album into the hands of the as many of the band's fans as quickly as possible.

All orders are packed with the record behind the sleeve and double boxed.