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    Giles Corey "Hinterkaifeck" LP

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    "Wretched Humanity, the fault is yours."

    Giles Corey is the gloomy, stripped-down solo project of Dan Barrett, one of the masterminds behind the cult act Have A Nice Life. Dealing with issues like suicide, depression, and the paranormal, Giles Corey is both incredibly bleak and crushingly intimate. Two years after the project's self-titled debut, Barrett recorded three minimalist tracks before a series of live performances, releasing them as Hinterkaifeck.

    Hinterkaifeck was released in February, 2013 by Enemies List Home Recordings, and has existed exclusively as a digital release until now. The title is a reference to a gruesome and mysterious mass murder that took place on a remote farm in 1922 near Munich, Germany. The Flenser presents Giles Corey's Hinterkaifeck as a one-sided 12inch record with a special etching on the B side.

    Available on Black Vinyl, Grimace Purple Vinyl, Milky Clear w/ Purple & Mint Splatter, and Milky Clear w/ Purple & Mint Splatter + Silk-Screened Cover art. 

    Series Two Members will receive a Purple and Mint Pinwheel Vinyl edition with Silk Screened cover art. This is the rarest variant and only available to Members.