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    Elizabeth Colour Wheel "Nocebo" LP

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    Nocebo: “a detrimental effect on health produced by psychological or psychosomatic factors such as negative expectations of treatment or prognosis.”

    Nocebo, the first full-length by the Boston Massachusetts five piece ELIZABETH COLOUR WHEEL, is inspired by anxiety, the fear and the desire of being constantly overwhelmed. Nocebo came to fruition over the summer of 2018 with the band embracing a heavy "kill your idols" mindset over the summer of 2018, crafting an album that is distinctly schizophrenic yet familiar, touching on 90’s heavy rock, shoe-gaze, and black metal influences.

    Mixed and mastered by Seth Manchester of Machines of Magnets (The Body, Street Sects), Nocebo is a five-walled haunted house, constructed from the wild, chantlike vocals of Lane Shi, the heavy, reverberant guitars of Emmett Palaima and Alice Jackson, the sludgy, distorted bass of Billy Cunningham, and the powerful, aggressive drumming of Connor Devito. Inside these walls are frequencies of spectral anger echo and resound, gathering into thunderous waves which crash against the borders of the room before dying out into eerie silence.

    ELIZABETH COLOUR WHEEL, whose name is pinched from The Lily’s track of the same name, formed in 2014 around the Boston area. The band has shared the stage with numerous bands, mostly notably Flenser label-mates Have a Nice Life and Planning for Burial. Nocebo is the band’s first release for the The Flenser.

    Milky Clear w/ Oxblood Splatter Vinyl is limited to 300 copies. There are 250 available with a special edition silk-screened art cover.  

    Flenser Series One Subscribers will be getting color-in-color Milky clear with Oxblood center.

    The second pressing is on Neon Violet Vinyl (lim. 300 copies) as well as Neon Yellow and Neon Violet Half and Half Vinyl (lim. 200 copies).