Cremation Lily "Dreams Drenched in Static" LP

Vinyl Options: Royal Blue Cloudy Vinyl

Cremation Lily’s “Dreams Drenched in Static” exists at the horizon of consciousness and heavy experimental music. Through the use of frenetic vocal melodies, tape degradation, and guitar noise, the album documents the liminal moments at the edge of sleep, and the distressing thoughts that often accompany late-night R.E.M. disturbances. The lyrics were largely written at three in the morning and serve to evoke the depression and meditations on death that seem to haunt these early hours.

Based in London, England, Cremation Lily is the project of Zen Zsigo. Like many Flenser artists, the work of Cremation Lily is difficult to classify. The project began in 2009 as sample-based ambient music, but has evolved to incorporate more rock-oriented guitar instrumentation and influence from a wide range of genres such industrial, shoegaze, tape loops, noise, and power electronics.

Although rooted in electronic music, Cremation Lily shares similarities with Flenser artists like Planning For Burial and Have a Nice Life, as well as black metal. "Dreams Drenched in Static" is the first Cremation Lily album to rely primarily on guitar and vocal-based contributions, and is the project’s most intentional and developed work to date.


1. Barely Remembered
2. Dreams Drenched in Static
3. Wavering Blood
4. I'm Done (Indefinite Light)
5. Body on a Lake
6. Moonlight Doses
7. Selfless
8. Overflowing Velvet Tide
9. I Need to Stop Blaming Myself
10. In Pain, Surrendering

Available on Royal Blue Cloudy Vinyl (300 units), Royal Blue with White Moonphase Vinyl (300 units), Royal Blue with Black, White, and Red Splatter Vinyl (Series Four exclusive variant), Royal Blue Vinyl (Indie store exclusive), and Black Vinyl.

"Dreams Drenched in Static" will be released on April 15th, 2022. 

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