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King Woman "Doubt" LP

Format: Milky Clear with Pink Splatter

King Woman is fronted by former Whirr vocalist Kris Esfandiari. The group’s debut 12-inch Doubt unfurls lugubriously, blossoming into a haunting sprawl of crushing, slo-mo miserablism. Imagine some twisted fusion of PJ Harvey, Sunn 0))) and Black Sabbath. Churning washes of crumbling distortion and tar-pit riffage drift grimly through billowing clouds of dense, layered thrum; roiling backdrops for Esfandiari’s throaty, bewitching vocals. The sonic heft is matched by lyrical themes of family and religious abuse, and the suffering borne of both.

On the heels of King Woman’s brilliant sophomore release, Celestial Blues, issued by Relapse Record records.

“… both a classical approach to composition and a modern narrative of expressing sadness through slow-sinking quicksand.” —Impose