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    Have a Nice Life "The Unnatural World" LP


    Have a Nice Life “The Unnatural World” pressing five. 

    200 copies Black vinyl
    200 copies Purple and Bone half and half vinyl
    200 copies Purple and Black splatter vinyl
    400 copies Purple vinyl

    This is a new better sounding cut of 2014’s “The Unnatural World.” This version should be louder and have a more transparent sound with less noise than the original cut of the album.  

    The album is a single LP in a gatefold jacket. The repress jacket has a different rougher stock than the original album.

    This is a co-release with Enemies List Home Recordings. All aspects of the release have been overseen and approved by the band. It is The Flenser's goal is to get the album into the hands of the as many of the band's fans as quickly as possible.