Agriculture "Living is Easy / The Circle Chant" Tape

The Flenser is pleased to announce the release of "Living is Easy," the latest EP from ecstatic black metal band Agriculture. This new EP will be paired with the band's debut EP, "The Circle Chant." For the first time, both EPs will be pressed together on a single 12-inch vinyl record as well as a cassette format

”Living is Easy," an EP by Agriculture, represents a significant new statement from the band. With their debut self-titled, Agriculture embarks on a journey to explore how heavy music can provide insights into the joys of life, both everyday and divine. Their extensive touring with this material led to a profound experience of ecstasy, surpassing expectations as they shared the intensity and joy of these songs with audiences worldwide. This experience was a catalyst for Agriculture, inspiring them to delve even deeper into the realm of 'ecstatic black metal' music. The band believes that with "Living is Easy," they have pushed this concept to its limit, resulting in a transformative explosion of sound and meaning.

The record delves into themes of community connection, holiness, violence, and the cycles of life. The title track is especially notable, featuring a retelling of a story from one of the Buddha's past lives. In this narrative, the Buddha encounters a starving family of tigers and sacrifices himself to save them, a tale of serenity and selflessness. This story resonates deeply with Agriculture, reflecting the humility and inspiration they find in their collaboration and echoing the generosity and interconnection they strive to explore through their music.

"In The House Of Angel Flesh," another pivotal track, focuses on collective struggle and connection. The song's title is inspired by "The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions," a 1977 book by Larry Mitchell. Like the book, the song depicts scenes of community support and pleasure amidst political, social, and socio-economic challenges. Agriculture interprets Larry Mitchell's description of the house of Angel Flesh as a metaphorical place of healing and transformation, using it as an allegory in their music to convey messages of support, care, and communal joy.

Touring holds a special place in the heart of Agriculture. It brings them immense joy to share their music, visit new places, and meet new people in cities around the world. This constant interaction with diverse audiences serves as a continuous source of inspiration for this work. Agriculture is eager and excited to share "Living is Easy" as well as give new life to the first vinyl pressing of “The Circle Chant.”

"Living is Easy / The Circle Chat" will be released on May 3rd, 2024.

Professionally replicated cassettes housed in blue shells.