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VILE CREATURE & BISMUTH - A Hymn of Loss and Hope

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A Hymn of Loss and Hope is a collaborative effort between doom metal titans Vile Creature and Bismuth. Originally commissioned for Roadburn in 2020, the two acts have regrouped to offer their long-overdue collaboration at the 2022 edition of the beloved festival. This performance will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Roadburn, but The Flenser has made a studio recording of the composition available on vinyl.

KW from Vile Creature comments, “After three years of waiting it is enthralling to be able to finally not only play this piece of music at the Roadburn Festival for the first and only time, but to be able to put it out into the world. In July of 2021, across two continents we recorded a different take on this song from what we are doing with it live while still doing our best to capture the themes and sonic resonance as best as we could. With this type of weird, secret, surprise project it only seemed fitting to work with a weird label and both Bismuth and ourselves jumped at the chance to work on this with The Flenser."

Vile Creature is a two-piece experimental doom metal outfit hailing from sunny Hamilton, Ontario. They'd prefer you call them a 9 piece blackened doom metal outfit but their 6 cats and 1 dog seem to not count, which is pretty rude to be honest. Their last record, Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! was released in June 2020 and had a lot! of Punctuation! In the title! But it seemed to get the point across, eh? Vile Creature also recently teamed up with The Flenser for a cover of Kittie’s “Paperdoll” for the label’s nu-metal compilation, Send the Pain Below.

Bismuth is a Nottingham, UK-based two-piece, consisting of Tanya Byrne (bass/ vocals) and Joe Rawlings (drums). They released The Slow Dying Of The Great Barrier Reef (Prosthetic Records) in 2018 to great critical acclaim. The duo is currently working on material for their next album.