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Street Sects - If Life is a Gift, It's in Very Poor Taste

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Watch the video for the Street Sects track "If Life is a Gift, It's in Very Poor Taste" on Flood Magazine. Directed by A.F. Cortes.

The track is featured on the bands 7inch "Gentrification IV: Suspended From Gallery Rails" out Friday November 22nd.

Gentrification IV: Suspended From Gallery Rails is the penultimate installment in the five part serial album by Texas industrialists Street Sects. Delving further beneath the surface of the festering malcontention that is born from increasing class disparity in rapidly developing urban environments, this chapter of the series loosely touches upon the repugnant hypocrisy inherent in our arts and entertainment circles. Passing through the gateway of shameless self promotion and into the halls of unapologetic exploitation, artists and industry parasites scurry to capitalize upon the plights of the underprivileged and oppressed, even when there is no money to be made. However, as always, popularity and influence are the most valuable social currencies, and nothing bolsters exposure and interaction like waving a flag for a supposed cause. The irony of this topic being weaved into the narrative of a self serving, monetized, navel-gazing piece of "art" is not lost upon us, but we invite you, the consumer, to pull the pencil from the writers hand and shove it deep into our one good eye…until you feel the graphite connect with gray matter. We're as tired of this bullshit as you are.