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Midwife "S.W.I.M."

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Photo by Katie Langley

Midwife has released a new track from the forthcoming new album "Forever." Listen to the track S.W.I.M now.

The songs on Forever came together after the demise of beloved Denver DIY space Rhinoceropolis, where Johnston once resided. The venue/co-op started in the early aughts and nurtured local artists until 2016, when its doors were shuttered due to tensions surrounding the safety of DIY spaces (not unrelated to the horrific Ghost Ship fire in Oakland). Residents were displaced around Denver and artists like Midwife were forced to start over.

It was at Rhinoceropolis, though, that Madeline became close with Colin Ward; he was her friend, roommate and artistic confidant to whom Forever is dedicated. When Ward passed away unexpectedly in 2018, Madeline turned towards sound to express the indescribable feelings that partnered with her grief. The songs here are mournful but warm, expansive and beautiful. “I wanted to write him a letter. I wanted to make something for him in his memory,” she says of Forever.

Informed by the sorrow that comes along with losing a loved one, Forever is one of this year’s most poignant releases. Midwifewill take these songs on the road in North America this March through May, in addition to a stopover in The Netherlands for the Flenser 10 Year Showcase at Roadburn Festival— all tour dates can be found below. Foreveris available for pre-order here.

March 27 Denver, CO - Kickoff at NCRC +
March 28 Estes Park, CO - Stanley Hotel
March 29 CO Springs, CO - Shove Chapel at Colorado College +
March 30 Santa Fe, NM - Ghost. +
March 31 Albuquerque, NM - Gold House +
April 1 Oklahoma City, OK - Château Casa House +
April 2 Kansas City, MO - Farewell Transmission +
April 3 St Louis, MO - Schlafly Tap Room +
April 4 Nashville, TN - Drkmttr +
April 5 Cincinnati, OH - Torn Light +
April 6 Louisville, KY - Kaiju Bar +
April 8 Pittsburgh, PA - Collision +
April 9 Richmond, VA - Fallout +
April 10 Washington DC - Rhizome +
April 11 Brooklyn, NY - Gold Sounds +
April 12 Beacon, NY - Quinn’s
April 13 New Haven, CT - Never Get To Be Cool
April 18 Tilburg, The Netherlands - Roadburn Festival - The Flenser 10th Anniversary Showcase
April 23 New York, NY - Commend - Presented by RVNG intl
April 24 Baltimore - The Undercroft
April 25 Philadelphia, PA - House Show
April 26 Toledo, OH - Robinwood Concert House
April 27 Chicago, IL - Happy Gallery +
April 28 Rock Island, IL - Rozz-Tox
April 29 Iowa City, IA - Trumpet Blossom - Presented by Feed Me Weird Things
April 30 Fairfield, IA - The Bookhouse
May 1 Omaha, NE - Brother's Lounge

+ With Devin Flower