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    Black Wing - No Moon

    No Moon

    Black Wing

    Release Date: 12/11/2020

    Black Wing “No Moon’ is out today! Black Wing is a chill-wave project by Dan Barrett (Have a Nice, Giles Corey).

    Barrett formed Black Wing in the mid-2010’s as an opposite to his project Giles Corey; where Giles started as ‘only acoustic instruments allowed,’ Black Wing started with only digital instruments. In 2015, Black Wing released its first proper full length, …Is Doomed, to great critical acclaim. Much like that album, No Moon bubbles with electronica and indie-pop with earworm melodies and affecting lyrics. But No Moon is a transitional change from Black Wing’s debut; the songs here are a bit more experimental and there’s a significantly wider emotional range to them. The lyrics are haunting and personal and resonate deeply with the listener.

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    Black Wing