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Adam Washington "To Sing of Damnation" Novel Out Now

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To Sing of Damnation, the second novel by Virginia-based author Adam Washington, follows Jordan Nieves' search for answers when he finds himself possessed by a demon following his father's suicide. He turns to the occult, but the esoteric books and ancient rites only seem to make things worse. His only hope to avoid damnation is a doom-driven journey into the ruinous province of God himself, where the truth he uncovers is more horrible than anything he could've ever imagined.

Set in the eastern United States and a mysterious, ethereal desert, To Sing of Damnation is thematically related to Adam's previous work, The Misophorism Trilogy, exploring themes of despair, theological dread, pessimism, and family trauma. It is the first full-length novel published by The Flenser.

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