The Flenser // Now Flensing - Dark Experimental Record Label



    "The Nocebo Engine" Pedal

    The Nocebo Engine (NE-ECW) is a special edition analog pocket synthesizer designed and hand built by Elizabeth Colour Wheel guitarist Emmett Palaima (alias Hammerhead Audio in his electronics endeavors). The Nocebo Engine uses the same audio circuitry as the Hammerhead Audio Nuisance Engine (NE-1), and additionally features artwork from the Nocebo album cover.

    Modeled after a circuit that emulates the sounds of a V8 motor, the Nocebo Engine is an abrasive noise box with a mind of its own, capturing the coveted quality of unpredictable yet clear results from user input. The signal flow consists of a square wave oscillator exciting a variable frequency resonator filter, which then passes through a combination lowpass filter / distortion circuit that cranks in incredible amounts of gain as the filter cutoff decreases, creating a decidedly smushy, crushy end result. This all runs into an audiophile unfriendly Class B amplifier circuit so cheap that it ducks the power supply of the entire device in the process of driving the built-in speaker, leading to some weird, chaotic feedback magic that makes the NE-ECW the Nocebo it is. Perfect for irritating your friends and enemies on the go...

    Battery powered with an internal speaker. CV port. External speaker out.