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The Lord "Forest Nocturne" LP

The first solo album from sunn O))) axe-man Greg Anderson as The Lord. An 8 song collection of dark heavy cinematic-inspired darkness. Black Vinyl edition from Southern Lord Records. 

Forest Nocturne sees Anderson taking cues from legendary film composers: John Carpenter and Bernard Hermann, in order to create cinematic landscapes which are heavy with tension, and offset by the injection of lethal doses of early 90s Scandinavian Death Metal – with Attila Csihar (of notorious Norwegian black metal band Mayhem) lending his putrid vocals to final track ‘Triumph of the Oak’.

For Forest Nocturne, Anderson worked with renowned producer Brad Wood. Dan Seagrave’s epic and fantastical style is instantly recognizable on the album’s stunning artwork, something which seems to depict an ancient and unknowable force in the woodlands. Forest Nocturne is described by Anderson as “the music of the night”, but inspired by imagery conjured on daytime hikes, and majestic and beautiful trees, which he sees as survivors – and perhaps the last known connection that we have to an ancient world, and acting as a connector between past, present and future of the human race and of our time on this planet.