The Flenser // Now Flensing - Dark Experimental Record Label


The Flenser Membership Series - Series One LEFTOVERS

Please note that memberships do not qualify for discounts. 

We are making a small number of leftover 2019 Series One Membership packages available for sale.

Please note that these leftovers DO NOT include either of the Street Sects 7inchs that were originally part of the series, and as such they are not complete sets. Additionally, the remaining copies of Elizabeth Colour Wheel's "Nocebo" do not include the limited edition silk-screened covers. 

This listing offers the following eight LPs:

  • Have a Nice Life - Sea of Worry - (Bone with Red/Green/Yellow/Blue Splatter Vinyl + Silk-Screened Cover)
  • Drowse - Light Mirror (Milky Clear/Silver Half & Half Vinyl + Book)
  • All Your Sisters - Trust Ruins (Red with Black Splatter Vinyl + Book)
  • Vale - Burden of Sight (Milky Clear with Silver and Black Splatter Vinyl)
  • Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo (Milky Clear with Oxblood Color-in-Color Vinyl)
  • Drowse - Second Self (Series One Exclusive LP)
  • Consumer - In Computers (White with Metallic Gold Merge & Splatter Vinyl)
  • Wreck and Reference - Absolute Still Life (Red/Cyan/Bone Tri-Color Vinyl + Book)

Each release includes a digital download code.

Again, this does not include the Street Sects 7inchs or the ECW "Nocebo" silk-screen cover.

All of the LPs will ship in one package. Unlike the current Series, shipping is not included in the price and will be added at checkout.