Sea of Bones / Ramlord

Sea of Bones / Ramlord "Split" LP

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This new collaboration between New Haven's Sea of Bones and New Hampshire's Ramlord guarantees genuine excitement for fans of all that is heavy. The all-consuming darkness of Sea of Bones partners perfectly with Ramlord's continued exploration of metal and punk stripped down to its essence. Poised to devour all of existence.

Formed in 2005, Sea of Bones released its first recording, Grave of the Mammoth in 2006 followed by The Harvest in 2007. Realizing that the band was a stronger, leaner machine as a three piece, founding members Gary Amedy, Tom Mucherino, and Kevin Wigginton decided to scrap year's worth of material and quickly began work on what would become the self-released The Earth Wants Us Dead. Gilead Media repressed the album as a triple LP in 2014 followed by a month-long US tour. Sea of Bones' most recent work includes the improvisational track "Silent Transmissions," several split releases, and an upcoming full-length.

Formed in the rat bogs and ash caves of New Hampshire, the members of Ramlord were brought together through their mutual failures in love, self-control, respect and life. Hacking with their blunt tools further isolated them from those who had once cared about them, as well as other fringe outsiders, death fetishists and metalpunks. Inspired by the crude and primitive noise of Discharge and Hellhammer, the grave fixation on the morbidity of reality and the joyless, repetitious biochemical release in search of the alleged pleasures of daily life, Ramlord has become an estranged and divisive tumor on an obedient and insecure scene.