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    "Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Two" Paperback


    Features contributions from several Flenser and adjacent artists.

    Conceptually, Medicine for a Nightmare: Part Two is a collection of thoughts and expressions to be part of a larger conversation. It contains essays, poetry, short stories, photography, and other visual art from a unique selection of 60+ characters from many walks of life, age groups, and cultural backgrounds. It's presented in a perfect-bound paperback book that comes with a 90-minute long audio companion cassette consisting of exclusive instrumental music from 17 different artists, housed in a handmade resealable paper box. The core of this project is to embrace emotions and impermanence, with the focus on this volume being "what brings one to see another day".

    The book was made from FSC and Rainforest Alliance certified sustainably forested paper. It’s perfect bound and the cover has a matte finish. First edition of 400 copies. It was made in Michigan by the good people at the woman-owned print house, McNaughton & Gunn. 

    Book Contributors:
    Russell Higbee
    Madeline Johnston
    Patrick Owen Dougherty
    Sean Jude
    Derek Muro
    Alfonso Montagnese
    Troy Michael & Brianna Sas
    Diana Oropeza
    Cameron Knowler
    Shelley Short
    Benoît Pioulard
    Danny Leo
    Andrew Weathers
    Andy Xue
    Maxwell Pretzer & Dylan Rebecca Keith
    Zach Weeks
    Eric Alan
    Eli Winter
    Dana Schechter
    April Joy Gerloff
    Ian Boyle
    Shea Swaney
    Lara Bennett
    James Livingston
    Jacob Steinbauer
    Stephen Wilson
    Mark Trecka
    Paul Burke
    Tom Asselin
    Shelly Bohorquez
    R. Vena
    Will Stenberg
    Alexander Kent
    Bryan Manning
    Kole Galbraith & Sean Waple
    Jason Anthony Harris
    Dylan Garrett Smith
    David Fylstra
    Janys-Iren Faughn
    Josh Steinbauer
    Fellow Witful Pedestrian
    Jim Willig
    Eric de Jesus
    Vivek Vasudeva
    Daniel Casebeer
    Michael Metivier
    Victoria Schull
    Shaina Kapeluck
    Penelope Joy
    Lorna Dune
    Nat Lacuna
    Claire Rousay
    Sean Peoples
    R. Dario
    Mike Swarbrick
    Ryan Hamilton
    Eric Van Scoik
    Daniel Talton & Sara June

    Music Contributors:
    This arranged audio compilation consists of previously unreleased instrumental music intended to serve as a soundtrack for your reading experience. Some audio pieces are meant to coincide with their respective literary and/or visual pieces.

    Ian Paige - Green is the Color of Taking Up Space
    Rekombinant - (soundscore for) Actions and Reactions
    Moss Wand - Lilac Honey
    Benoît Pioulard - Folded Paw
    Gillian Frances - Moonchild
    A. Spencer - Right Now I Feel OK, Thanks
    Lorna Dune - Future Ancestors
    Kole Galbraith & Sean Waple - Cascade Artificiel / Virmalised
    derek muro - untitled 82
    Power Strip - The Push
    Venetian Veil - Come Enjoy the Light
    Antemano- En Sus Manos
    A Grave With No Name- Pink Glass
    Mike Tamburo - Holly's Gaze
    From Overseas - Eyes Closed
    Kira McSpice - Shadows
    Bryce Hackford - Flower [detail]

    All copies of the book include a download code for the audio companion.