Mamaleek "He Never Said a Mumblin' Word" LP

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Mamaleek is an electronic black metal from San Francisco. Mamaleek is two brothers.

Vinyl only. Limited to 300 copies.

Terrestrially-confined, our souls speak the indubitable, no? That there is a pre-critical station of being, before we became shackled to consciousness, slaves to our bodies, our environments, our language, our mommies and daddies, the pitiful puppets-without-strings we now are…We are left only with the symbol and its mythology. Without this, there is only a brutal formalism and woe to it! Mamaleek is a noise that traces symbols and mythos and that is good enough, Goddammit. It is a paean to a bygone bliss, our souls going home, aural restitutions and reparations, wrought by eternal return.

This record marks an end as much as a beginning. While much more was recorded during this time, these four spirituals seem to form a coherence lacking on previous escapades. We are grateful to have this released, casting off the burdens of the past that, try as we might to escape, haunt the soul in a strange fashion. There is no reason to doubt that this is not for anyone. In fact, this was not made by any one but by its enemy. The talismanic forces that control the limbs that push the buttons that make the sounds owe to blood, and flesh, and bone, and neural underpinnings, etc., but I do not want to possess these features anymore and the ineffable within has nothing to write anymore. There is a life inside me and its need for escape is dogmatic and incorrigible. Please excuse this abortive attempt, may it go unheard just as He who never said a mumblin’ word."