Lacing "Without" LP

    Dreamy, heavy shoegaze with dramatic post-rock swells and nuanced noisy outbursts. Ethereal vocals compliment the icy clean guitar lines in a series of swirling waves before the storm of dark hooks and trembling discord. Their thick, grungy underbelly is fueled by an arsenal of effects pedals, with a strong melodic core beneath it all. LACING’s second album Without is their most compelling effort to date, a dynamic display of fuzz and beauty, stitched together with several hallucinatory interludes. “Lacing may obscure Joe Davenport's voice under a cirrostratus cloud of noise, but a sweet, cooing melody bursts through the oh-so-heavy shoegaze. The Chattanooga band flexes that sense of tunefulness in a surprisingly varied series of remixes for "92," everything from droopy dubstep to New Order-esque pop.”—Viking’s Choice, NPR

    Might have small corner bends or shelf-wear but this record is new and unplayed.
    Released by Elder Magic Records