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    Adam Washington "The Misophorism Trilogy" Paperback


    Also available as a downloadable PDF. Adam Washington is a writer from Richmond, Virginia.

    "The insurmountable anguish of existence is a truism to the misophorist. Death, the Constant, swings its inexorable scythe on the human psyche as it pleases. Death is the only Truth. This axiom manifests itself within misphorists in three distinct ways. First: to blame a higher power for Its torture of the humankind; this misery is sanctified. Second: a method to defeat the mind and the innate lie that living is worthwhile. Last: to save those who are deluded. To show them what they've done.

    The Headless Nobleman.

    The Last Man Blinks.

    Handwritten Eulogies.

    The Misophorism Trilogy is a polemic on life, for there can be no life when there is Death."

    The Misophorism Trilogy is presented as a 160-page trade paperback.