Kevin Hufnagel "Backwards Through The Maze / Polar Night" CS

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Inventive guitarist Kevin Hufnagel has amassed an impressive discography of diverse, forward-thinking heavy music, from Gorguts' angular skronk to Vaura's catchy fusion of post-punk and post-metal. His instrumental solo work reveals even more dimensions of his expressive playing. Even when operating in more ambient realms, Hufnagel's compositions carefully and deliberately evolve their textures and melodies while never losing their evocative, hypnotic qualities.

Side A of Hufnagel's latest offering features Backwards Through the Maze, a new, five-song EP blending the shoegaze-influenced atmospherics of past efforts with refreshing choices in digital manipulation. The songs still breathe, but now notes bend, warp and twist like never before. Side B contains the first physical release of Polar Night, a digital album from 2011. Its three-part, sleep-themed suite is every bit as beautifully arctic, nocturnal and astral as the title implies.

The silver-shelled cassette is packaged in an oversized case with a double-sided, four-panel insert, both featuring Hufnagel's photography with a layout by Joe Beres. A download code is also included. Limited to 100 copies.