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    Planning For Burial - "Leaving" 3LP Boxset

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    The Flenser presents a new deluxe vinyl edition of Planning For Burial’s debut full-length “Leaving.” The 2010 album is a depressing journey though isolation and sadness now recognized as a cult classic. Originally released by the legendary micro-imprint Enemies List Home Recordings, CD copies of Leaving have since become sought-after collector’s items. The Flenser is proud to offer a limited edition of Leaving in its intended analog format with updated artwork. 

    Planning For Burial is the solo work of gloom prince Thom Wasluck, who has toured the DIY circuit with his one-man show extensively and become an unlikely sad-boy figurehead in the new-school gloom-gaze movement alongside labelmates Have a Nice Life. With heavy, dark shoegaze, ’80s goth, and ’90’s rock influences, Planning For Burial is hard to categorize and hard not to like. The project has released a slew of EPs and splits on various labels in the last five years, and shared the stage with a wide breadth of musical compatriots.

    This new 2020 box-set edition includes a never before heard recording called “Sorry For Your Loss” pressed on a 10inch record. It contains songs from the original time period that Thom remixed in 2018 and had mastered by Nicholas Wilbur in Summer 2019. 

    The “Spring 2007” cassette is material Thom found in a stack of CDs he would burn and listen to as reference while working his day job.

    Official digital versions of Sorry For Your Loss and Spring 2007 don’t exist.

    This boxset includes:

    • Deluxe two-piece heavy case-wrapped box.
    • 2x 12inch records in jacket (colored vinyl or black).  
    • 10inch with inner printed sleeve (black vinyl).
    • Insert.
    • 7x7inch 8 page book 
    • Cassette (extreme membership edition and some colored versions) 

    Flenser Membership Series 2 subscribers who opted for the "Extreme" edition will be receiving Pink and Clear Half & Half Vinyl with the Spring 2007 cassette.


    A1. Wearing Sadness And Regret Upon Our Faces
    A2. Memories You'll Never Feel Again
    A3. Oh Pennsylvania, Your Black Clouds Hang Low
    B1. Humming Quietly
    B2. We Left Our Bodies With The Earth
    B3. Being A Teenager And The Awkwardness Of Backseat Sex
    C1. Seasons Change So Slowly
    C2. Verse/Chorus/Verse
    D1. Leaving

    Sorry for Your Loss 10inch:

    A1 - This Dream Is A Death Trap
    A2 - Runner
    B1 - Sorry For Your Loss
    B2 - Last Song

    Spring 2007 Cassette:

    A1. Viola
    A2. Untitled or Sleep Song
    A3. Ghost Song
    B1. Ann
    B2. Wearing Sadness and Regret Upon Our Faces [Spring 2007 Mix Version]