The Flenser // Now Flensing - Dark Experimental Record Label


    Body/Negative "Fragments" LP

    22 year old queer, nonbinary ambient artist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Andy Schiaffino combines rich textures, the nostalgic hiss of tape, and field recordings into loop-based glimpses of songs on their first full-length release, Fragments, from Track Number Records.

    Fragments is an in-depth exploration of the concepts first introduced on their debut EP Epoche, released in March 2019 on Dune Altar Records. Fragments lives between two worlds - an eerie, decaying world of disintegrated vocals with plinky toy pianos, and an ethereal world of reverb-laden guitar. The polarity of the record’s sonic components reflect the same polarity found in Fragments’ lyrical themes; light and darkness, death and life.