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    Street Sects "Gentrification V: Whitewashed" 7inch (pre-order)

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    Bleeding edge Texas industrialists, Street Sects have completed their long running “Gentrification” single project with Gentrification V: Whitewashed. “Gentrification,” is a five part serial album that began eight years ago as a series of self-released seven inches. Now that your streets have been drained of all color and character, now that the last of the generational holdouts have been forced beneath the wheels, now that history has been torn up, rewritten, injected with fillers, plied with White Claw, passed around and shared by members of the board...are you sleeping more soundly?

    Whitewashed will be released on May 20th, 2022.

    Available on Bone Vinyl (limited to 250 copies) and Black Vinyl. Series Four members will receive the Bone colored vinyl as well as an exclusive booklet.