Planning for Burial

Planning for Burial "Quietly" LP

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Please note that this does not come with a download card. A digital version is available on bandcamp and most digital service providers, but it does not include the complete recording found on the vinyl edition. This is the bands intention. 

After the release of his debut album, Leaving (2010), Planning for Burial’s Thom Wasluck wrote and recorded a series of EPs that have become collectively known as Quietly. It was a tumultuous time in Wasluck’s life, and the songs he composed reflect the intense feelings of longing and jealousy that he was experiencing. As the title suggests, these tracks are more restrained in approach than the work which preceded them. They are also set apart from much of Wasluck’s other output by their recording process, which was largely done live with few or no overdubs in order to properly capture every emotion in its rawest state.

For almost a decade, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-based musician Thom Wasluck has been releasing his signature gloomy dirges under the name Planning for Burial at a nearly relentless pace. He now has three full-length albums (most notably 2017’s monumental Below the House) under his belt as well as countless EPs and splits. The Quietly sessions took place between 2011 and 2012 and will be available for the first time on vinyl from The Flenser. This new version includes a song that was previously only issued on a floppy disc as well as an unreleased track from the same era. This collection was remastered specifically for this vinyl release by Nicholas Wilbur (Mount Eerie) at The Unknown.

The special silk-screened art version is pressed on half bone and half black colored vinyl. It includes a poster and is limited to 100 copies. 

The color-in-color version is pressed on bone colored vinyl with a smoky grey center. This version is also limited to 100 copies. 


Bleached Body
Warm but Empty
She Won’t Always Miss You
I Miss Our Conversations, I’m Sorry (originally released on floppy disc, vinyl only)
Dearest Distance
Tiny Frame
In the Beds of Ex-Lovers
Fucking to Floodland
14 December 2011 (previously unreleased, vinyl only)