Planning For Burial / Stress Waves

Planning For Burial / Stress Waves "split" 7inch

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For the better part of a decade, rural Pennsylvania's prolific Thom Wasluck has released a slew of beautifully atmospheric and rawly emotional LPs, EPs, CDs, cassettes and even a floppy disk as Planning for Burial. "Dove" sees him eschew his frequent use of guitar in favor of synths fed through delay and blown-out fuzz distortion effects as he reflects on the parting gift of a former lover. King Woman/Miserable singer Kristina Esfandiari lends her gorgeous croon to perfectly complement Wasluck's humble vocal.

Across the globe in sun-stricken Brisbane, Australia, Errol Hoffman and Nick Williams create their own brand of romantic melancholy that sometimes conjures coldwave icons Asylum Party, but steeped in a dreamy lushness. Not unlike its equal on side A, "Anthelic Arc" embeds its detachment in the hypnotic repetition of the vocals. Williams' defeated voice seems to resonate from a distance, as if he's overlooking the tragic vista rendered by Hoffman's instrumentation.

The split single is packaged in a glue pocket sleeve and an insert designed by Hoffman. Limited to 300 copies on black vinyl.