Leviathan "Verrater" 2CD

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"Pure, primitive, cult, home recorded evil...

Verräter: two discs, twenty two tracks, one hundred and forty three minutes of buzzing, howling, pummelling black metal. Think Burzum, Darkthrone, Immortal, but with all sorts of weird twists and sonic surprises. Sure, LEVIATHAN is grimmer than grim metal that the frost & forest lords of Norway should bow down to, but it's also pure expression unfettered by genre restraints, although informed and inspired by them. Like Weakling, Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra, Caacrinolas, Potentiam, Enslaved, and other of the more unique and category-defying black metal bands, this is not just one for fans of black metal! It's dark, weird, noisy, disturbing art embodying one man's twisted vision, that should be heard by anyone into avantgarde, experimental, psycically and physically powerful rock music.

From blasting howling fury to moody ambient blackness to off kilter weirdness to droning riffery to soul crushing heaviness. What's truly remarkable is that one man, playing all the instruments himself, and recording at home, can evoke such strong emotions and invoke such musical demons.

Original, evil, hateful, misanthropic, bizarre and truly black metal...

For "Verräter", the first official LEVIATHAN release, we went through the 13 full length self-released cassettes and cd-r's Leviathan had recorded since 1998 (as of today that number has already leapt to 15!) to try and compile a good overview, but we couldn't quite whittle it down enough so one disc, thankfully became two (we were even batting around the idea of a box set!) with the first disc representing the more recently recorded stuff, while disc two contains the older, raw-er material.

Set to follow in the sizeable footsteps of SF black metal legends Weakling (R.I.P.) breathing new life into the grim (not in a good way) SF metal scene, while poised to assume the throne left vacant by band after band peddling cliched and tired, overrated and unoriginal bullshit. "Verräter" is beyond just black metal, it's a collection of utterly brutal, truly innovative, and completely soul crushing musical blackness..."

Double CD from the legendary tUMULt Records.