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    Altar of Plagues "Teethed Glory & Injury" CD

    Revealing itself as the most defying and most accomplished ALTAR OF PLAGUES album to date, “Teethed Glory and Injury” sees James Kelly and co. create an album unlike anything the band have previously crafted.

    The result being an album venturing into harsher and more extreme sonic terrain, and more unconventional where Kelly (who also masterminds WIFE, his electronic-oriented outlet) dissects and deconstructs the initial blueprint that ALTAR OF PLAGUES based their sound upon, and forms a whole new sound for the band while past reflections still loom and become expanded upon at the same time.

    By incorporating more elements of noise, industrial, and electronica, all while taking the influence of ambient and experimental music even further, “Teethed Glory and Injury” sees its songs built upon the different permeating sounds and ambience, where said elements come across as the key factors that help shape the songs and give them form and substance.

    Digipak CD from Profound Lore.