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    The Flenser Membership Series - Series Four LEFTOVERS

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    Please note that memberships do not qualify for discounts. 

    We have added a small number of Series Four "LEFTOVERS" for our annual Black Friday sale. Please note that these sets do NOT include the Street Sects 7inch. All other items are included and the following information is still relevant. Some vinyl and bonus items will ship in 2023.

    PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING CAREFULLY (especially the "fine print" at the end):

    Introducing The Flenser Membership SERIES FOUR, a curated selection of the next phase of Flenser releases. Members of Series Four will receive a total of SEVEN LPs, two cassettes, and one 7inch. These will all be special editions unique to members only, meaning either special vinyl colors or supplemental artwork that isn't available to anyone else. Please note that The Flenser membership series encompasses the next seven releases currently on our schedule (including the bonus LP detailed below) and not necessarily the full calendar year of new titles. Due to manufacturing delays, it's likely that some Series Four titles will arrive in 2023. 

    In addition to six new releases, Series Four members will be receiving a special double LP record not available for sale elsewhere. This bonus double LP is from a cult artist known in The Flenser extended universe - Navhalr's self-titled full-length (2008). Navhalr is black metal project from Have a Nice Life's Dan and Tim. 

    All Series Four members will receive the full set of titles in the series no matter when the order is placed. IE, those who sign up later in the year will still receive the full series and bonus items.

    Members will also receive Bandcamp downloads for all of the Series Four releases in their inbox, as well as a discount of 10% off EVERYTHING from The Flenser webstore throughout 2022. Postage is included in the price.

    SERIES FOUR will include the following:

    • Cremation Lily - "Dreams Drenched in Static" LP

    • Chat Pile - "God’s Country" LP

    • Scarcity "Aveilut" LP

    • Street Sects "Gentrification V: Whitewashed" 7inch 
    • Mamaleek "Diner Coffee" LP

    • Drowse "Wane into It" LP

    • Unannounced album

    • EXCLUSIVE Nahvalr Double LP not available for sale anywhere else 

    • Hand Model "Game Changers" Tape

    • Kathryn Mohr "Holly" Tape

    • An exclusive printed slipmat

    The EXTREME Edition will include:

    • Sister Grotto - "Song for an Unborn Son" LP

    • Planning for Burial - "Matawan: Collected Works 2010-2014 Volume Two" DLP 

    In addition to the new albums we have planned for Series Four, there will be a small number of reissues and represses from our back catalog this year. Series Four will include new releases only, but Series Four members can opt-in to the Extreme Edition which features two additional vinyl releases. This includes the first ever pressing of Sister Grotto’s debut LP, “Song for An Unborn Son.”  Sister Grotto is a project from Midwife’s Madeline Johnson. “Song for an Unborn Son” was originally released digitally in 2016 and this will be the first time the album is pressed on vinyl. 

    The other Extreme Edition release is Planning for Burial’s “Matawan: Collected Works 2010-2014 Volume Two” DLP. This is the first time any of these songs have been released on vinyl. They have been remixed and remastered for vinyl and expanded from the original cd edition with new material added. This is a companion release to the first volume of material we released in Series Three as part of the extreme offering.

    International members will now be given the opportunity to add additional items to shipments in order to save on shipping expenses. We will contact you before shipping your package and you can add what you want, or we can hold purchased items for you and refund you the difference on the price of shipping. Just send us an email after making your order asking us to hold it.  



    $215 for Domestic Membership (IE, within the USA)

    $265 for Canadian Membership

    $315 for the Rest of the World Membership



    $255 for Domestic EXTREME Membership (IE, within the USA)

    $305 for Canadian EXTREME Membership

    $355 for the Rest of the World EXTREME Membership


    The fine print:

    MEMBERSHIP CANNOT BE CANCELLED OR REFUNDED AT ANY TIME. As with all of our vinyl releases, manufacturing and production delays are possible especially during COVID. In order to keep the postage costs reasonable, members in Canada and the Rest of the World will receive their shipments in batches. Domestic members may also receive shipments in batches if multiple releases arrive around the same time. Due to the already complex nature of this endeavor, new orders cannot be combined with membership shipments except where noted.

    Series Four by definition includes seven full-lengths, and is not limited to any timeframe with some releases likely shipping in 2023. 

    The records included with Series Four are already planned out and finalized, but we may have other new releases land on our schedule that are not part of the Series Four. If this is the case, they will NOT be added to the Membership Series after the fact, and a separate purchase will be necessary. Additionally, the reissues and represses we have planned for this year are not a part of Series Four, unless expressly mentioned as being part of the Extreme Edition, and will likewise require a separate purchase. Members will be given advance notice of any new releases that aren’t included in Series Four, as well as reissues, and early access to our annual Black Friday sale.

    Additionally, our release schedule is subject to change. If a release is heavily delayed we might make changes or substitutions to our schedule.

    Changes of address must be reported immediately to avoid additional reshipping charges. Please submit address updates along with the order number received at time of purchase.

    We appreciate you so much. Thank you for your interest in our artists.