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    Toby Driver "Madonnawhore" CD/LP and Kayo Dot "Hubardo" reissue CD/3LP pre-orders

    You can now pre-order Toby Driver's upcoming solo record "Madonnawhore" on CD and LP. Vinyl is limited to 500 copies on blue vinyl. Vinyl is shipping in late April 2017. We are also repressing Kayo Dot's legendary monolithic album "Hubardo" on 2CD and 3LP. The 2xCD version comes in a 6 panel jacket with a new 20 page booklet. The vinyl edition is very similar to the first pressing that was self-released by the band. Vinyl is on both blue and black vinyl. Blue vinyl is limited to 200 copies. Vinyl is expected to ship in May 2017. Pre-order direct from The Flenser. EU friends can order from Throatruiner.