The Flenser // Now Flensing - Dark Experimental Record Label



    10710562_728943070494195_1189186097080885467_n Brooklyn, NY's instrumental post-metal outfit Sannhet are excited to call Flenser Records their new home. The band was founded in late 2010 and released their debut LP Known Flood via Sacrament Records (St. Vitus Bar's label) in February of 2013 to great critical acclaim. Pitchfork said the record "…welds the power of black metal, sludge metal, and grindcore to the structures and orders of post-rock and post-punk" and SteelForBrains called it"…an aural trek into the consciousness of all that is sacred to metal. Percussion driven but never overwhelming – the album steers around audio samples, ominous sounds, and the undercurrent of a kind of seething introspection." Sannhet's second full-length, Revisionist, is set for release on March 3rd via San Francisco's Flenser Records. The 9-track LP is a dizzying concoction of math-metal intricacy, prismatic pop shimmer, and dense metallic crush, taking the metalgaze sound of like minded modern metal combos like Deafheaven or Alcest and adding more dynamic indie rockisms and churning noise rock crunch. More information on Sannhet's Revisionist will be coming soon. In the meantime, keep up with the band on Facebook and check out videos from Known Flood tracks "Absecon Isle" and "Slow Ruin".