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    The Flenser Membership Series - Series One

    Introducing The Flenser Membership Series. The initial installment (Series One) is a curated selection of 2019’s new Flenser releases. Members will receive six LPs and three 7 inches. These will all be special editions unique to members only, meaning either special vinyl colors or supplemental artwork that isn't available to anyone else. This is going to be a massive year for us. Not only will there be a brand new Have a Nice Life album (!!!!!!!!), but several of our most beloved artists will also be releasing new material in 2019. Those who sign up for Series One can expect to receive the most exclusive versions of each of these releases. Our first release of the year—and the first installment of Series One—will be the debut full-length from Boston's Elizabeth Colour Wheel, titled Nocebo. It is an excellent album and we can't wait for you to hear it. We're confident that Nocebo will become a beloved Flenser classic, along the lines of Planning for Burial's “Below the House,” or King Woman's “Doubt.” Beyond the six regular LPs, there will also be an exclusive “members only” 12 inch. This mystery record will feature music from a current Flenser artist that won’t be available anywhere else. The full list of Series One can be found below. As you can see we’re making most of the titles known now, but we’re keeping a couple under wraps for the time being. Have a Nice Life - NEW ALBUM (details forthcoming) Drowse - NEW ALBUM (details forthcoming) All Your Sisters - Trust Ruins (details forthcoming) Unannounced project (who will it be??) Elizabeth Colour Wheel - Nocebo Members Only Exclusive 12 inch Unannounced project (who will it be??) + three 7 inches (TBA) In addition to the new albums we have planned for 2019, there will be a number of reissues and represses from our back catalog. These will not be part of the Membership Series. Series One will include new releases only, so long-time fans of the label won't have to worry about receiving doubles of albums they already own. Members will also receive Bandcamp downloads for all of the Series One releases, as well as a discount of 10% off distributed items and merchandise from The Flenser webstore. Postage is included in the price. $200 for Domestic Membership (i.e. within the USA) $250 for Canadian Membership $300 for the Rest of the World Membership It is possible to split your order into 4 interest free payments by checking out with Sezzle. Join membership!