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    Street Sects "End Position" Repress

    We’ve repressed Street Sects brilliant classic "End Position" with a couple of different variations. End Position has become Street Sect’s classic debut album and is finally back in print! The Flenser store.Throatruiner in France. We have for sale four following editions. Please note that there are a number of different vinyl colors and artwork variations for this pressing. Please read carefully before ordering. Red Edition version 1: There are 100 copies of the "Red Edition" pressed on Blood Red with Black Color-in-Color vinyl. These also come with a special screen-printed sleeve featuring artwork by Huseyin Ozkan. They include the "End Position" zine as well. This is the most limited edition of this pressing and was expensive to make. These are shipping February 2019. Red Edition version 2: 400 copies pressed on Blood Red vinyl with red cover art. Copies of this version will include the "End Position" zine if purchased directly through The Flenser webstore (i.e. while supplies last. Original artwork Easter Egg Yellow with Black Splatter vinyl. These are housed in the original artwork and include a copy of the "End Position" story zine that came with the very first pressing of End Position. We also have for sale a black vinyl features the original artwork. We also have for pre-sale full-color "End Position" shirts in both short and long sleeve version. Shipping February 2018