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Sannhet "Known Flood" Reissue

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The Flenser is happy to annouce a vinyl reissue of Sannhet’s long-out-of-print debut album, Known Flood. Originally released on Sacrament in 2013, this album set the tone for the band’s signature blend of instrumental transcendent black metal and post-metal. Sannhet is the brainchild of instrumentalists John Refano, AJ Annunziata, and Christopher Todd. Formed in 2010 in Brooklyn, New York, the band built a strong local following with this release. They expanded their sound with 2015’s Revisionist (Flenser) and 2017’s well received full-length So Numb (Profound Lore). Shipping early November 2017. ORDER BANDCAMP EUROPE “Brooklyn trio Sannhet is an instrumental powerhouse.” —Pitchfork “Sannhet sounds like transmissions from the last comm outpost at the end of the world.” —Noisey