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    Pre-sale: Vaura & White Suns

    We are now taking pre-orders for the upcoming White Suns album "Totem" as well as the vinyl edition of Vaura's most recent full-length "The Missing." Both albums will be released in March. Vaura_Cover_500 Vaura - The Missing DLP Double Lp edition 500 copies. 300 copies on black vinyl. 200 copies on - Cyan haze over Kelly green colored vinyl. Comes with a 24"x24" double sided poster and a gatefold jacket. Artwork by Terence Hannum. The release date is 3/17/14. Pre-orders are expected to ship before then; however, vinyl manufacturing is unpredictable and delays are possible. Order Vaura has perfected a cohesive sound out of a mixture of vastly different genres including, ’80’s goth, black metal, and progressive rock. Vaura is an all-star cast of Brooklyn avant grade and metal musicians, featuring Joshua Strawn (Azar Swan) on vocals, Kevin Hufnagel (Gorguts, Dysthymia), drummer Charlie Schmid, and avant-grade cult superstar Toby Driver on bass (Secret Chiefs 3, Kayo Dot, Maudlin of the Well). Despite the often complex musicality of the members other projects, Vaura’s sound is more streamlined with atmospheric mid-80’s vocals mixed with a hypnotic rhythm section intersected with black metal blast beats, chorus-laden guitars, and synthy overtones. The Missing was originally issued on CD by Profound Lore Records to great critical acclaim appearing on many year end lists. Vaura’s debut album, Selenelion was released by New York's Weird Records in 2012. 80ww_whitesunssmall White Suns - Totem CD/LP pre-sale Vinyl LP on black or bone-colored vinyl with an insert. Colored vinyl is limited to 200 copies. CD comes in a digipack and is available as a discounted package deal. Shipping mid March 2014. Order White Suns “Totem” is rock music realizing its obsolescence, the work of a band compelled to mutate. White Suns sculpts organic noise with detuned guitars, amplified drums, and makeshift electronics. With aural explorations beginning at the intersection of punk and electronics-based noise White Suns oscillates between crushingly dense assaults and articulate hushed passages. Brooklyn's White Suns has existed since 2006 and is comprised of members Kevin Barry, Dana Matthiessen and Rick Visser. White Suns have released two full-length albums - Waking In The Reservoir (UgExplode, 2011) and Sinews (Load, 2012) - along with a handful of small-run releases. Their material has received accolades from the New Yorker, SPIN, Pitchfork, and Tiny Mix Tapes among others. White Suns has extensively toured the U.S. and garnered a reputation as a threatening and intense live act. White Suns third album, Totems, is being released by SF-based dark music label The Flenser. Totems features, their signature onslaught but is tempered by deadened stares and slow-burn instrumentals. Renowned recording engineer Martin Bisi (Sonic Youth, Swans, Foetus) provided documentation of the performance in his labyrinthine BC Studio compound. White Suns - Totem: 1 Priest In The Laboratory 2 Prostrate 3 Disjecta Membra 4 Cathexis 5 Fossil Record 6 Clairvoyant 7 World-Lock 8 Line of Smoke 9 Carrion Total running time: 40:48 12 inch vinyl with an insert. Co The following is a track from White Suns previous album. Audio/video postings soon.