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    Pre-sale: HAVE A NICE LIFE - The Unnatural World

    fr39coverart Now up for pre-sale. "The Unnatural World," a new album by HAVE A NICE LIFE. This eight-song, 47 minute LP is HAVE A NICE LIFE’s most monumental work yet, a colossally-sounding, perfectly-orchestrated industrial shoegaze. The details: The album is a single LP in a gatefold jacket. 300 copies will come on haze-colored vinyl. All other copies of the album will be on black vinyl. No CD version is planned at this time. This is a pre-sale that will be only available through The Flenser's store. This is a co-release with Enemies List Home Recordings. All aspects of the release have been overseen and approved by the band. It is The Flenser's goal to get the album into the hands of as many of the band's fans as quickly as possible. The release date is February 4th, 2014. We will do our best to make sure all orders are shipped on or before that date. We will do our best to get the records to you as quickly as possible. Test pressings have already been approved which means that the album should be ready on time. All orders are packed with the record behind the sleeve and double boxed. We will be releasing tracks soon, so please be patient. Click here to pre-order. It is also worth noting that we will reissue HAVE A NICE LIFE's Deathconsciousness later in the year. More details to come.