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    Panopticon "...On the Subject of Mortality" DLP Reissue Pre-sale

    fr11full1000x1000 We are now taking advanced orders for Panopticon's "...On the Subject of Mortality" on double vinyl. Panopticon’s reflective meditation on death, “…On The Subject of Mortality,” is back in print in the form it was intended – deluxe, double vinyl mastered at 45 rpm for ultra clean blackened fidelity. Originally released over the course of two split CD releases and as a very limited vinyl edition “…On The Subject of Mortality” sold out quickly fetching absurd prices on the collectors' market. Panopticon is an influential North American black metal band originally from Louisville Kentucky. The band is the unilateral expression of mastermind Austin Lunn, also of the death-doom band Seidr. The band has released over twelve full lengths, splits and EP’s, most notability 2012’s black metal/bluegrass genre classic “Kentucky.” “…On The Subject of Mortality” is Panopticon’s third full-length and most melodic record. Whereas Panopticon’s other releases have been rooted heavily in a blugrass/black metal hybrid sound “…On The Subject of Mortality” is a more ambient album filled with post-metal obtuse dronescapes, Godspeed-like slow builds and blown out blast beats. This repress is limited to 500 copies and is contained within a heavy jacket and an insert. Ships on or before 4/15/14. Limited to 500 copies. 200 Copies on Limited electric Blue with Sea Blue Splatter Pre-Order. 1. Living In The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death 2. Living Eulogy 3. To Make An Idol Of Our Fear And Call It God 4. A Message To The Missionary 5. …Seeing… 6. Watching You Total Running time: 50:15