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    Kayo Dot / Coffinworm - Pre-sale

    We are now taking orders for the "Coffins On Io," the new album by Kayo Dot as well as the vinyl edition of Coffinworm's most recent album "IV.I.VIII". tp0001c Led by founding member Toby Driver (also of Secret Chiefs 3), Kayo Dot emerged in Boston, MA in 2002 from the ashes of metal group Maudlin of the Well. Since then, Driver has led Kayo Dot through several lineup changes and dramatic stylistic shifts: from traditional metal, to atmospheric, avant-garde metal; and now with their new album Coffins on Io, the bats-in-your-belfry hard rock of Sisters of Mercy meets Peter Gabriel-era Genesis, Scritti Politti and early Roxy Music. Stream the first track of "Coffins On Io entitled Library Subterranean now. The vinyl edition of "Coffins On Io" will be pressed on both black and limited clear vinyl with a pinkish-red marble. Colored vinyl is strictly limited to 300 copies and can only be purchased in The Flenser store. This release is intended for an October 16th release date, however we've been told by our press that many vinyl projects are behind schedule so delays might apply to vinyl order. CD's will ship on or before October 16th. tumblr_static_dkv1wkmvrjwcgoc8408wo04k0 (1) Coffinworm - IV.I.VIII LP is the vinyl edition of the bands most recent full-length originally released on CD/digital format by Profound Lore record. 500 copies total 200 of which will be pressed on silver vinyl. Deluxe gatefold jacket, black and spot silver center-labels and poly-lined black inner sleeves with layout by Scott Shellhamer. Shipping October 2014.