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    Giles Corey - S/T vinyl!

    1500x1500 Giles Corey - S/T vinyl details: DLP Boxset + book. Pre-order Oct 2nd 1pm PDT at 1pm PDT. Each record is contained within thick printed inner-sleeves and the accompanying novel is held within a fancy foam block. The box is case-wrapped and is more substantial than your existence. This is a very expensive release for us to produce. Cost between $40.00-45.00 depending on vinyl color. Pressing size 2000 copies (smaller than Have a Nice Life release): 200 units double mint green haze on on milky clear 300 units double mint green colored vinyl 500 units red vinyl 1000 units black vinyl International customers please note that shipping will be very expensive. We are sorry and we love you. Thank you for the support! This is one of the greatest albums ever!!!!!!!!!!!!