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    Fall 2017 Releases: Street Sects, Low Estate, Sutekh Hexen/Hissing, Sannhet, Have a Nice Life

    The Flenser has a number of new releases planned for 2017 by Street Sects, Low Estate, Sutekh Hexen & Hissing and as well as reissues by Sannhet and Have a Nice Life. Pre-orders will go live Friday August 4th at 10am PT for US/World Throatrunier for Europe. Austin, TX duo Street Sects have returned with a 12-inch record titled Rat Jacket. Rat Jacket is not a direct follow-up to 2016’s End Position. While still maintaining the sample-based foundation that is the core of the band’s sound, Rat Jacket experiments with melody and organic instrumentation. Thematically, the record deals with loyalty, trust, betrayal, paranoia, and the sadness and regret that comes with the acceptance of our own selfish nature. If End Position was a bullet to the head, then Rat Jacket is a knife in the back. Out on vinyl and digital formats on October 6th 2017 On their debut full-length, The Covert Cult of Death, Low Estate deal in heaviness that exists somewhere near the low-end of black metal, with a healthy dose of 90’s hardcore and a dash of Jesus Lizard stirred in for good measure. Splitting their time between Austin, TX and Brooklyn, NY, Low Estate consists of Brendan Tobin (Red Sparrows) on bass, Geoff Garlock (Orchid) on guitar, Jimmy Hubbard (The Year is One) on vocals, and Christopher Todd (Sannhet) on drums. The Covert Cult of Death features appearances by Integrity’s Dwid Hellion, David Castillo of Primitive Weapons, and Zachary Lipez of Publicist UK. It is a winding and propulsive meditation on the world as it is, as it has always been. Out on vinyl, CD, and digital formats on October 22nd 2017 The Flenser will be releasing a split 12-inch between Bay Area ambient masterminds Sutekh Hexen and Seattle’s death metal abomination Hissing. Each band contributes one long track with artwork by Timo Ketola (Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Sunn O))), Dead Congregation). Hissing is a death/black metal group based out of Seattle, WA. Founded in 2014 out of a mutual interest in exploring dissonant, deranged, and punishing sounds, and inspired by artists such as Portal and Blut Aus Nord, Hissing have released two EPs through Disorder Recordings and Southern Lord Records, and have a full-length record forthcoming. Since 2008 Sutekh Hexen have turned the paradigm of black metal completely on its ear. The band can be described as a rapture of tonal intricacies and sonic densities that erect, brick by brick, into a tapestry that is rich with innovative layers of sound construction. The results are fresh, unique, unparalleled compositions that cultivate further interest upon each listen. Sutekh Hexen/Hissing will be released vinyl and digital formats on October 6th. Sannhet "Known Flood" LP: The Flenser will be reissuing a vinyl edition of Sannhet’s long out of print debut album, Known Flood. Originally released on Sacrement records in 2013, Known Flood, set the tone for the band's signature blend of instrumental transcendent black metal and post-metal. Recorded by Colin Marston (Krallice) and Mastered by Carl Saff. Out on vinyl November 3rd 2017. Have a Nice Life "Deathconsciousness" DLP: A new pressing of Have a Nice Life's classic double album is in the works on both black and orange vinyl.