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    Echo Beds "Still Body", Mamaleek "Out of Time", drowse "Cold Air" repress

    Welcome Echo Beds! Watch the video for Still Body now. Their album "Buried Language" will be out on August 17th. In December of 2016, Denver, CO industrial act Echo Beds suddenly found themselves locked out of their rehearsal space. Their gear was being held hostage as city officials all over the country cracked down on unsanctioned artist collectives and the various DIY structures where many outsider creators lived and worked. This weighed heavily on the duo, who spent the next 8 months experimenting and writing the material what would become Buried Language in their living rooms. Deprived of their usual tools, Echo Beds was forced to improvise using unfamiliar electronics and various cobbled together devices in order to flesh out these embryonic ideas. With the plight of their colleagues fresh in their minds, these new working conditions served to shape the industrial landscape of Buried Language, their second full-length album and first for The Flenser. Formed in 2010, Echo Beds is comprised of Keith Curts and Tom Nelsen. The project began as a one-off live set played in a local warehouse and quickly grew from there. Sensing immediately that they’d only scratched the surface of their potential, the duo began experimenting with hand-built instruments and manufactured sounds—such as recordings of broken glass and a metal filing cabinet—in order to explore and interpret the sounds of industry as a sonic landscape. Over the years Echo Beds has made a name for themselves with their visceral and abrasive live shows that often include a modified oil drum as percussion. Buried Language should be viewed as a kind of exorcism steeped in metaphor and brimming with social commentary. The album title references widespread overnight evictions and boarded-up rehearsal spaces/ DIY venues across the country. It deals with a lack of transparency, and is the culmination of all the heartbreak, frustration, grief and rage, and the cyclical nature of DIY space closures. Left to our own devices, we start over in a new underground. 1. Carved In Stone 2. Buried Language 3. Small Print 4. The Flaw Is In The Design 5. So Many Ways In 6. A Planned Obsolescence 7. Only Surfaces 8. Access Control 9. Still Body 31:15 Pre-order Bandcamp Pre-order Europe Mamaleek "Out of Time" out August 31st San Francisco Bay Area-based black metal weirdos Mamaleek are set to release Out of Time, their fifth full-length album and second for The Flenser. Musically, Mamaleek stands apart from the Bay Area’s most well-known black metal exports (Weakling, Leviathan, et al), and their connection to the genre grows more abstract with each release. This is especially evident on Out of Time, where the band has intensified their unique approach to heavy music with a variety of unusual samples—such as crooning from Turkish concerts, advertisements for items that no longer exist, and fragments of old pop songs. Mamaleek consists of two mysterious brothers who, until now, have kept entirely to themselves about the project. Just recently the duo made their first live appearance, and Out of Time can be considered as the final chapter of this era of anonymity. Out of Time was recorded by Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden (Deafheaven, Bosse-de-Nage, Botanist, etc.). This is Mamaleek’s first double album and it is their most ambitious work to date. 1. If I Had This Time 2. Sicarii 3. Tree Sonorous 4. God is the Irrational Number 5. The Recompense is Real 6. Doomed Beast 7. Out of Love 8. Lapis Lazuli 9. Where is the Friend’s House? 10. My Master, My Father, My Author 11. The Last is the First 12. Almost Dead Dog 13. Absolute Knowing 14. At the Shrine of That Freedom Whose Cause You Had Betrayed Total Running time: 56:54 Pre-order the album here Bandcamp Pre-order Europe Drowse "Cold Air" repress. We are repressing Drowse's brilliant album "Cold Air" on black vinyl as well as a limited edition version of the album with a zine detailing Kyle Bates' production notes. This special version is limited to 100 copies and includes a flower or leaf from the cover art as well as a replica of the production journal Bates kept while recording Cold Air. Technical notes dissolving into ruminations, the production journal offers insight into the making and meaning of the album as well as an intimate portrait of the state in which it was made. Pre-order the album here Bandcamp Pre-order Europe