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Consumer - In Computers

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Two years since their formation, experi-metal project Consumer has resurfaced with a new album titled In Computers, which will be released via The Flenseron October 25. The sonically wild, genre-averse batch of tracks plucked from a pool of analog and digital electronics are as incensed as they are inventive.

Introduce yourself to Consumer with an interview alongside the project’s new single “Massive Subsidies” on Echoes & Dust.

Featuring Tim Macuga from Have a Nice Life as well as Have a Nice Life’s live band Myke Cameron (bass), Rich Otero (drums, synths, programming), and Joe Streeter (guitar/engineering), Consumer’s aim is to generate reptile-brain, late capitalist agitprop. Forming in 2017, the band pursues both sludgy noise rock ensemble work, as well as soundscapes built from analog synths, broken electronics, tape loops, and any sonic source in between.

In Computerswill be released via The Flenseron October 25 and will be limited to 500 vinyl copies. Preorders are available here. More updates to come.

In Computers — Track Listing:
1. Spiritual Death
2. Massive Subsidies
3. The Mills
4. In Computers - Part I
5. In Computers - Part II
6. In Computers - Part III