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    New Black Wing Track!

    BLACK-WING-COVER (3) Tiny Mix Tapes has posted the new Black Wing track “If I Let Him In” from the bands upcoming debut full-length “…Is Doomed.” Pre-orders for “…Is Doomed” go live on The Flenser store Tuesday July 14th at 1pm PDT along with the new Heat Dust full-length. Black Wing is the digital solo-project from Dan Barrett of Have a Nice Life. Thematically similar to Dan Barrett's other solo project, Giles Corey, Black Wing presents a vision of mortality, isolation and despair through the catchiest depressive chill-wave album ever created. "...Is Doomed" will be digitally and on vinyl on September 25th 2015. Limited colored and package deals will available for pre-order on July 14th 2015. Enjoy.